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Supernatural Episode Fiction

Because an episode is never long enough...

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A home for fiction based on Supernatural episodes

The home for Supernatural Episode Fiction

This is a community for posting, recommending and searching for fiction relating to the episodes. Here, you can find anything from missing scenes to episodes tags or codas to AU's, there's something for everyone! Ficathons and other activities will also be organised occasionally.

The fiction is organised by the episode it relates to; either click on the relevant tag on the left hand side of the main page or visit one of the following:

The Master Fiction List

- Season One Fic List
- Season Two Fic List
- Season Three Fic List

When Posting or Recommending Fiction:

  • The following template is for guidance, feel free to use it when posting your fics or use your own. However, please note that fields marked with a star are compulsory.

  • Please clearly label your fiction. Mislabelled or unlabelled fiction will be given a warning and if not corrected within a reasonable time frame it will be deleted.

  • Please tag your post with the appropriate episode title. Note there are no underscores between words, they are just spaces. New episode titles will be added within a few days of the episode airing, if you post before this then your post will be tagged for you when the new tag is added.

  • All stories should be put behind a LJ cut. Multiple recs (more than three) and long recs should also be put behind an LJ cut. How to do this can be found here.

  • Feedback to authors and comments to the community should be respectful and encourage discussion. Flames and abuse will not be tolerated here.

  • When posting please include the episodes the fiction relates to in the following format season#xepisode#, title. For example: 2x01 In My Time of Dying. If you need help with titles and numbers then visit Aired episode titles and numbers..

  • All spoilers must be behind a LJ cut. Spoilers must be given for any un-aired episodes and for a reasonable amount of time afterwards. If in doubt, then leave a spoiler warning. It's better to be safe than sorry!

  • All pairings, slash and het are allowed but NO WINCEST. This community is wincest free.

  • Crossovers are welcome here but please include this somewhere in the summary.

  • WIP's are fine but they will not be added to the master fic list until completed.

  • Promotions of other communities/ficathons/websites is allowed provided it relates to both Supernatural and episode related fiction. If not, then please contact a mod using the link below to discuss whether the promoting is suitable for the community. If you pimp something that isn't related to both Supernatural and episode fiction without first discussing it, then your post will be deleted.

If you have any problems, queries, comments or suggestions then please leave a message here.