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Mystery Spot fic recs

Here are a handful of recs for the episode Mystery Spot. It's hardly surprising that this episode generated so much ficcage. (Yes, that is a word.) There's also been a fair few posted to the community already which you can find here.


A touching ficlet where Sam is desperately trying to keep hold of Dean. It's full of angst and the last line just might break you.
Title: Falls on a Tuesday
Author: nomelon
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: 3x11 Mystery Spot.

Sam wears Dean's t-shirts next to his skin.
(A word of warning for those who don't read Wincest as another fic is posted below this one that contains Wincest.)

This amazing fic runs over the course of two of the Tuesdays; the first one is so heartbreaking as it sets you up for the emotional punch of the second. It's a lovely bit of writing that really captures how Sam may have felt.
Title: It Always Makes a Sound
Author: i_speak_tongue
Rating: R for Language
Warnings: None
Summary: 3x11 Mystery Spot. There's one day Sam will regret above all others, even though it never really happened. (tuesday!fic)

There is one day you will regret above all others, even though it never really happened.

An event causes Sam to return to the same mindset as when Dean was dead and Dean being the big brother we all love, helps him deal. I love that while it's written from Dean's POV, Sam's thoughts and emotions come through so painfully clear.
Title: Reaching for the Sky Just to Surrender
Author: lotesseflower
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: 3x11 Mystery Spot. And when Sam reached down to pull the guy’s knife out of his own goddamn body, reached for it like he didn’t even really see it, Dean thought he might just die on the spot.

Sam was already in motion in the second that Dean saw the glint of the switchblade.

Dark and very bloody. How do you cope with seeing your brother dies again and again? A brilliant fic that is wonderfully written but oh so painful.
Title: Acoustic Shave
Author: smilla02
Rating: R for bloody imagery
Warnings: Character death (multiple, actually, but not definitive). Dark fic.
Summary: 3x11 Mystery Spot. How many days you need to stop reacting to your brother's death?

Nothing new.

A little humour to brighten up the rec list. Admittedly given the subject matter it's a rather dark kind of humour, but if you found the falling piano funny then this is guaranteed to make you laugh at least once. A great blend of angst and humour.
Title: One Hundred Tuesdays (and Nary a Wednesday in Sight)
Author: pyrebi
Rating: PG-13 for coarse language
Warnings: None
Summary: 3x11 Mystery Spot. Really, this was getting ridiculous. Horrible and wrenching and sad, but ridiculous.

Sam, you understand, had been in college once.

Remember, if you enjoyed something please leave the author feedback. :)

As always this is only a few of the stories out there, if you've written or read a good Mystery Spot fic then please let us know either in the comments or by making a post to the community.


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Apr. 7th, 2008 12:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you so very much for the rec!
Apr. 7th, 2008 04:08 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! Thanks for writing lovely fic! :)

I really wish I had the edit option for my grammar typos. Sorry!
Jun. 29th, 2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
thanks for collecting-sharing-pointing out-reccing the stories
(but if you found the falling piano funny then this is guaranteed to make you laugh at least once)
not just the piano. when dean was talking 'baby/puppy/doggy' voice to the dog on the street- then we hear it ripping out his throat. when he's in the shower and sam thinks he's safe for now- and then we hear dean fall in the shower. when dean plugged in the hair dryer and electrocuted himself. when he choked on the sausage from 'pig in a poke' breakfast.
--there were a surprising number of humorous deaths in this episode- thank goodness_ otherwise it would have been too much angst- and they saved that part for when sam lived the months without dean hunting for the trixster and ended up killing fake bobby, etc....so the first half had to be a little lighter to balance it out.

but i think it's among my favorite episodes. i like all the trickster shows. there's been a couple of alternate reality and timelines that were really good. the creativity and originality and and good writing take this show all over the place from one extreme to the other. from angst fest to the 3 stooges type of shows. i liked when sam and dean came to the 'real' world where they had to step into the lives of actors jared and jensen- making fun of themselves and their lifestyles and actors. calling bobby singer a douche for naming a character after himself- it was such a great mix of the angel drama/plot and hilarity---it's like a great big present of fun for us.

'the mystery spot' aired today in michigan on tnt from 11am to 12nn_ it was great to see it again
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